Australian Memorial Park FromellesVC Corner Cemetery, Fromelles


The Battle of Fromelles was very much a subsidiary to the Battle of the Somme. As the British failed to break through the German front line at the Somme since 1 July 1916, the Australians were ordered to attack 80 miles further north. Here, the front was relatively quiet and German  re-inforcements to the Somme came from Fromelles.

In July 1916, 180.000 Australian troops arrived on the Western Front. This was three times the number of men who fought at Gallipoli a year earlier. After their arrival in Egypt only three weeks earlier, the Australian 5th Division went over the top in the evening of 19 July. A series of misfortunes and false presumptions turned the battle into a massacre. 24 hours after the jump off, 3,146 men were wouned and almost 2,000 men had died or were missing.


On our tour in Fromelles we visit the Australian Memorial Park, VC Corner Australian Cemetery, the ‘Hitler’ Bunker, Fromelles village, Pheasant Wood Cemetery and the location were in 2009 a mass grave of 250 Australian and British soldiers was found.

Duration: 3 hours